Vision seminar 2017

On the 6th May Vision Taekwon-Do Association held it’s annual seminar in Crowborough, East Sussex. This year was a special celebration as it was 50 years of TKD in the UK and 10 years of the Vision Taekwon-Do Association. As in the previous few years the format was 3 hours of TKD for the kids and 6 hours for the adults plus an extra hour and a half for the black belts.

The day is a great chance for all students to train with the association’s senior instructors. This year we had Master Chesterman teaching fundamentals to the adults, Mr Thompson teaching kicking to the adults and flying kicks to the kids, Mr Arroyo teach sparring to the kids and adults and Mr Turner teaching unarmed self defence to the kids and armed defence to the adults. Master Lear then took the black belts through patterns. Many thanks to all the instructors who helped with the sessions (Mr Dunn, Mr Bourne, Mrs Fox-Longdon, Mr Singers, Ms Blauw).

You can view the photos here.